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Sleeping system


There are sleeping systems for many types and configurations of known vehicle brands.

Turn your bus into a camper with just a few handles you can convert your „everyday van“ into a very comfortable sleeping place. The next morning you can dismantle the bed very quickly and use your back seats (if available) as usual.

We provide a different range of opportunities to create a bed for your van whether with or without seats or with our VanEssa rear kitchen we have the proper solution for you and your van. Many sleeping systems are compatible to our rear kitchens. The bed length of about 190 cm is suitable for most Vans and Minivans.


Installation always starts in the boot of your van. Here we place our rear board that is fastened to existing points on the vehicle floor.

It does not matter if or how many seats you have in your van, we offer a suitable sleeping system for you.

A rear board is to be assembled into the boot, fixed in the rail system or loops from lashing straps. In combination with a rear board or your rear bench you have the basis for our foldable mattress.

During the day your system „rests“ in the back of your car. You can use all the seats in your van.In the evening you fold out the sleeping system with just a few handles and place the sleeping mattress on top of it.

In order to achieve the length of about 190 cm we use a two-part sleeping board with folding supports.

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