We are Kamperland

Kamperland ... Going far together is the result of a love of traveling, far or near, but traveling efficiently and maintaining contact with nature. It is the love for the "camper" lifestyle and for the feeling of freedom that is inherent in the human being. That is why we combine our tourist activities with products and services of the "camper" segment because we still keep traveling ... we keep moving.

With our Kamperland store we aim to facilitate access to innovative ways to enjoy without having to modify our means of transport permanently or make major and expensives changes for a weekend. We will offer systems to enjoy outdoor life in an easy, cozy and flexible ways. Making the most of the space without losing comfort.

Our parent company "Still Traveling ... keep moving" captures the essence of our 14 years in the tourism sector, where we have learned to value the importance of having a simple, friendly and timely solution for each client's need.

For this reason, we have continued to grow in our services to anticipate needs and support each experience that the client requests and keep Going far together.