Forwarding will be done by a forwarding company, depending on the size and weight of the package / pallet. We will promptly inform you of the company and tracking number as soon as the shipment is confirmed. We will inform you of the estimated delivery time in our clarification email (not in the automatically generated order acceptance email). 

Sleeping systems generally have a production time of about 1-2 weeks, kitchen and interior systems have a production time of 3-4 weeks.

Attention: during the main season, delivery times may be longer for kitchens and modules (5-7 weeks). If it takes longer, we will contact you and indicate the delay time.

For special colors or customized products, the delivery time can take between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the time and effort in production.

As the costs vary greatly, depending on the size and weight of the package / pallet and the postal code within the respective country, we must calculate them individually and according to the client.

We issue an invoice with VAT included. We only charge shipping costs to the indicated delivery address.

If you have any questions or requests about shipping costs, please feel free to contact us:

Customer Service:

Tel: +56 9 9316 9793 or write to us at

1. Area of ​​validity

(1.1) These terms and conditions of purchase are valid for all our contracts, purchase orders, deliveries and any other service between the client and Kamperland.

(1.2) The different conditions are only valid if the seller explicitly approves them in writing.

2. Purchase orders / Order confirmation

(2.1) Our offers and prices are without obligation. Minor deviations and technical changes are possible in the images or descriptions.

(2.2) The offers of the Kamperland online store on the Internet represent a non-binding invitation for the customer to order offered products. The submission of an order by the customer for the request for basic products will constitute a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract.

(2.3) The supplier must confirm the acceptance of the purchase order. In particular, the automatically generated order confirmation is not binding, it only indicates to the customer that their shipped order has been received by Kamperland.

(2.4) The sales contract becomes binding, when the sales person confirms the product (s) ordered (s) with a second email, confirming that the product (s) order (s) is (are) ready for pickup or, rather, the email contains an order confirmation, invoice or any other order acceptance.

(2.5) By placing the order, the customer accepts these terms and conditions of sale.

3. Product quality

(3.1) Product illustrations in our online store may contain additional accessories (such as decorative elements), which are not included in the product (s). The essential characteristics of the product can be read in the product description.

(3.2) Insignificant and / or reasonable deviations of the color and measurements of the products are acceptable. Wood is a natural product, so its characteristics, deviations and natural characteristics should always be taken into account.

(3.3) We can change the technical specifications of our products without prior notice.

(3.4) Our products are not an integral part of the vehicle. The fixing points are only for fixing in the car.

4. Prices and costs

(4.1) The quotes are final prices and contain packaging costs and the legally defined value added tax. We offer free shipping within Germany. The shipping price will be calculated separately.

(4.2) The cost of installation and any other auxiliary services are not included. These services must be ordered by the client separately. 

5. Payment method

(5.1) Payment will be made at the buyer's choice, choosing between Kamperland payment methods.

(5.2) In case of shipment through forwarding companies or mail, the purchase price and the prices of auxiliary services will be paid in advance after receiving the invoice.

(5.3) If you collect the products at the VanEssa factory, you have the possibility to pay in cash or with a debit card that contains the Maestro sign. We do not accept credit cards.

6. Delivery, assembly, delay in delivery

(6.1) Delivery by dispatch company or by mail, to the delivery address specified by the customer, will be made after payment is received. The assembly is carried out by the customer. If you need any guidance, you should contact Customer Service before taking any action.

(6.2) Our delivery dates or times are exclusively non-binding information unless they have been explicitly agreed between the customer and the seller.

(6.3) Dispatchable products will be implemented after receiving payment without prior notice. Collection of goods is only possible after prior agreement with Kamperland by phone or email.

(6.4) As the order is processed, the customer will be informed by email if any product is not available. If the seller does not have the capacity to deliver the products, he can withdraw from the sale. In this case, the customer will be informed immediately. Any payment that has already been made will be returned.

(6.5) If the impossibility of release is attributed to force majeure, mobilization, war, riots or similar events, such as a strike, lockout or interruption of operations or in one of our suppliers, who, without any fault on their part, Temporarily inhibit for us to supply or provide the actions due by us, the agreed terms will be suitably prolonged, at least for the delay, caused by these events.

(6.6) The seller is authorized to make partial deliveries and services at all times, unless the partial delivery or service is not reasonable for the buyer.

(6.7) If the customer instructs the seller with the assembly, the requested product will be installed by the seller. The important characteristics for the installation (special equipment in the car) must be previously communicated by the customer to the seller.

7. Transport damage

When the goods are delivered with obvious damage to the packaging or the content, the customer must immediately inform the sender or the freight forwarder against the receipt. Hidden defects should be reported to the seller immediately after discovery. The sender must note the damage on a receipt. In case of severe damage, the customer must refuse acceptance of the pallet / package.

Advantageous is a picture of the damage you can email us. Report damage to us as soon as possible through Customer Service.

In the event of transport damage, it is very difficult for us to obtain insurance compensation. If the customer is acting as a business person, Section 377 HGB goes into effect.

8. Retention of title

All delivered products remain the property of the manufacturer until full payment has been made.

9. Right of withdrawal

The client can cancel his contract declaration without indicating any reason within two weeks in writing (for example, by letter, email, fax) or by returning the merchandise, unless the client has acted in the exercise of his vocation commercial or self-employment. (requests from entrepreneurs). The period of time begins after the receipt of the goods and not before the receipt of this indoctrination. To maintain this period of time, sending the cancellation or merchandise on time is sufficient.

The withdrawal should be addressed to:

Kamperland by Still Traveling

Prat 814, Office 503



Tel: +56 9 93 169 9793


Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal does not apply to goods that have been made according to the specifications of the clients or explicitly to personal needs or that are not valid for return due to their nature or that are quickly perishable or that their expiration date is exceeded. .

Do not return the shipment of goods. You must pay the return if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods.

Consequences of cancellations

In case of effective cancellation, the services received on both sides must be returned. If the customer is unable to return all or part of the service received, or only in deteriorated conditions, in certain circumstances he may have to compensate the seller for this loss in value. This does not apply if the deterioration of the article is exclusively the result of the inspection of the article, approximately in the way that it would have been possible in a store. The customer can further avoid the duty to compensate the loss of value if the deterioration is due to the use of the item for the purpose for which it was intended, provided that it has not been used as if it belonged to it and has taken measures not to use it in a way that negatively affects its value. Items that can be shipped as packages must be returned and the customer must bear the costs. The products must be delivered to the seller in good condition and condition. Payment repayment obligations must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period begins for the client with the sending of the declaration of cancellation or the article, and for us with its receipt.

End of notification of the right of withdrawal

10. Warranty

(10.1) At the time of delivery, the buyer must ensure that the products have not been damaged in any way. Apparent transport damage, for example damaged cardboard boxes, should be reported immediately to the carrier (carrier or parcel service). The sender must note the damage on a receipt. Later he complains of transport damage that in most cases is not taken into account.

(10.2) If the products supplied by us are defective, the customer can assert the legal claims based on defects.

(10.3) The customer will document the defects by means of digital or printed photographs and will deliver them in writing to the seller by email, fax or letter.

(10.4) If the buyer is a consumer, he initially has the option to choose whether subsequent performance should be accomplished by subsequent upgrade or replacement delivery. However, the seller has the right to reject the chosen type of subsequent performance if it is only possible with a disproportionate amount of costs and the other type of subsequent performance has no substantial disadvantages for the consumer.

Subsequent performance will be considered failed if it is impossible or if we have finally seriously rejected it or if we have at least tried to remedy the defect twice. The customer can then demand the cancellation of the contract or a reduction of the agreed price if the repair or subsequent delivery finally fails.

(10.5) Parts subject to normal wear and tear or insignificant deviations and technical changes in the images or descriptions do not activate the warranty rights.

(10.6) In case of minor damage, the customer can repair and install the necessary spare parts himself, the seller will send the necessary spare parts.